Can you give Mahdi a helping hand?


Mahdi Arman is a young Afghan Hazara refugee who has been stuck in immigration detention for seven years. With your help, he can apply for private sponsorship to Canada to re-settle. If you can help us, even in a small way, to meet the target funds required by the Canadian Government in order for application to be made, Mahdi has every chance of a future.

BRASA is working with two other Australian fundraising individuals. Julie Kearney of Brisbane and Bruno Lettieri of Melbourne as well as two Canadians, Stephen Watt and David Barnes of Toronto, who are experienced in dealing with the Canadian Government’s private sponsorship applications.

Please read more about Mahdi and share with your friends. With the help of you and other generous donors, we hope that we’ll meet the target of $20,000 and that Mahdi will soon be free.