Walk for Justice for Refugees


Justice for refugees means:

  • permanent visas and family reunion for all refugees
  • fair and timely assessment of all claims for refugees
  • safety net income for all those who are waiting for a permanent visa, if they cannot find work to support themselves
  • releasing all refugees from detention
  • bringing 260 people still held on Nauru and in PNG here, or allowing New Zealand to resettle them as it has offered

Why do we walk for justice for refugees?

The Walk for Justice for Refugees raises public awareness of the ongoing plight of refugees in Australia. It is a time when the community gathers to call for enlightened and humane policies to replace the cruel and shameful policies that the Federal Government presently pursues.

Will the walk for justice be covid safe?

Yes, we have a COVIC-safe plan. We encourage the wearing of masks. We have QR codes for registration, and there will be covid marshals to supervise compliance with covid regulations. Victorian Health Minister Martin Foley has said “the advice from the public health team is pretty clear, that events outdoors, events in highly regulated environments, are able to be done safely”.