How to Donate

How to Donate Money
Donations of money enable us to help needy refugees. Some are not permitted to work. Some are permitted to work, but because they do not have permanent visas, employers are reluctant to employ them because they can be deported at any time. Some struggle with English. Many refugees are desperate for help with basic survival expenses. Some refugee children rarely get outings, presents or treats.

You can do a direct deposit into the bank account of the
Bayside Refugee Advocacy and Support Association
BSB 633 000
Account 154 687 438
Please identify your payment with the prefix ’Donat’ followed by your surname
(Unfortunately, we do not have deductible gift recipient status, but if you need a tax-deductible receipt, we can recommend another refugee support organisation that can offer this.)

Donations of Goods (Food, toiletries, cleaning materials, etc)*
The following items are always appreciated:
◾ Dry packaged foods such as lentils, chickpeas, nuts, dried fruits, biscuits (sweet and savoury), pasta, rice (especially Basmati), flour, sugar, spices, coffee, tea.
Tinned goods such as tomatoes, beans, other vegetables and fruits. (There is no demand for baked beans and tinned spaghetti)
◾ Cordials, jams, honey long-life milk
◾ Toiletries such as soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shaving cream, deodorant, shavers, disposable nappies, women’s sanitary products, toilet paper and sunscreen.
◾ Cleaning products for kitchens, bathrooms and toilets.
◾ Supermarket vouchers e.g., for Coles or Woolworths, allow people to buy items that they particularly need or want, and are very much appreciated.

Collection and Delivery
A volunteer from the Friends of Refugees in Springvale collects donations of this type approximately once a week from the Bayside area. The Friends of Refugees delivers the goods to refugees who are living in the South-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Please contact either Geraldine, who lives in Sandringham, or Katie, who lives in South Caulfield to drop off your donations.
You can be assured that your donation will mean a lot to someone who is in need

Large Items (Furniture, white goods (refrigerators, microwaves, TVs, washing machines etc), new or near new bedding, bicycles, sporting equipment, new or near new toys.)
Please attach a photo of the item that you are considering donating to an email and address it to or Include your name and telephone number. The volunteers at Friends of Refugees will let you know if they can use what you are offering, and, (in the case of larger items) if they have the room to store it.