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😢 Support Ali and his family to escape the Taliban and Afghanistan and reach Australia


Good afternoon
Thank you for your time and attention
Dear admin and your colleagues
We need your help
We lost my father in Australia/Naru Island and we are now orphans and without a guardian
We are the Hazara and Shia people of Afghanistan who are at risk of genocide
After the fall of the government by the Taliban, Dr Nairn asked us for an Australian humanitarian visa, and after some time we received a case number, but we do not know about the visa process
Some Australian friends have created a fundraising campaign to sponsor us to Australia so we can go to Australia through sponsorship.
Our security situation is very serious
Taking care of young daughters, a widowed mother and young sons
Taliban gang rape girls and widows and kill young boys
Please help us in one of these sections
1_ In the humanitarian visa process and progress section
2- In the part of expansion of the campaign and financial support
I will continue to add the rest below
kind Regards

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