🗓 A FEAST FOR OUR FRIEND, NAYRAN from Space2B Social Design


Last month, our beloved chef and owner of Flavours of Syria Café and her family experienced a terrifying home invasion.

At 3am on October 11, three hooded men armed with machetes and guns smashed into Nayran and Majid’s Braybrook home. They were left injured, severely traumatised, and confused because despite the damage to them, their property and vehicles, the violent group stole nothing. “It was worse than Syria because we were all targeted in Syria, but here, it was only us and only our house”, Nayran said afterwards.

As of today, they have received no help
No counselling nor any support to repair the damage.
It saddens us to hear that they are so alone in their new home!
SO Space2b is holding a ‘Feast for our Friend’ where Nayran can share her love for food.

Join us to show our love and support to a wonderful family
at any of the following special lunchtime events in Flavours of Syria’s cafe

Sunday 17th December 12.30-2.30pm
Sunday 21st January 12.30-2.30pm
Sunday 11th February 12.30-2.30pm

All money raised will help Nayran and Majid repair their home and car and provide an opportunity for them to relocate to somewhere they can feel safe.